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App for efficient retail sales

About project

An entire set of apps developed for quick and convenient retail management. The app allows conducting operational accounting, customize bonuses and reward programs, create recipes, create links between receipts, analyze sales, etc. This is the most convenient and flexible tool for increasing and maintaining your customer loyalty.

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of specification

Since the YoiPOS is a complicated project that contains set of apps,it was quite challenging to deal with order's logic, refunds and payment systems of the project. Our team of business analysts did their best to predict all the possible for this app changes in customers' behavior, scenarios and situations that may occur.

Our team of developers made it possible to use different payment methods and credit cards, to connect two American payment systems and display them in a right way. Besides, we developed multi-level discount system with the possibility for business owner to add more loyalty programs to the app.

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The main task of YoiPos is to simplify the process of getting and processing orders in a restaurants or stores. So, the project had to be easy to use and easy to read. That's why we made website design in white colors and added bright pictures of food.

This project is an attractive for users as most of people like colorful pictures of food,and at the same time big pictures allow users to make an order without extra efforts.

We did our best to allow YoiPos admin to add high-quality pictures and at the same time we made a project quick to download.

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Our main goal for YoiPos was to develop an app that would simplify companies' retail management. That's why we created links between receipts and synchronized all the shops to make workers schedule visible for workers as well as for business owners.

Loyalty system

We created a multilevel loyalty system on a stage of the item store and business. The main difficulty was to escape the arguments between the clients and business owners. So, in order to better understand and maintain the information about the system, we had to brainstorm the ideas with our clients, create behavior diagrams and UML diagrams ( Unified Modeling Language).


Our team worked many hours on security of the project to ensure business owners that their secret data will be kept safe. So, we used strong tool that statically analyzes the code binaries for potential security flaws and vulnerabilities of the app.

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the product

YoiPos is an ecosystem that contains website admin panel as well as tablet version of a website.

For development and testing, our team used different types of environment such as development, staging, testing and production.So, the transition of testable code from the testing environment to the production servers went smoothly. For our test-cases and other documents related to testing we used TestRail, Jira and Selenium IDE.


YoiPos has a big amount of entities. Though, there is no possibility to test one entity separately as all the entities are united into one eco-system. As the result,our QA engineers had to be present during the whole development process. There are about 40 API in the project and we used Postman to test all of them.


In the process of development we faced with some difficulties calculating taxes for ComboDeals ( menu that usually consists of two or more items), while ComboDeal is one as well as several items at the same time. So, we used Postman and calculator on C# in order to calculate taxes for this special item on a front-end and back-end as well.

YoiPOS app preview image