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App system for ultimate event management

About project

Set of apps that create a perfectly functioning system of event management: the total solution for access and payment for events, festivals, shows, fairs and concerts. Allows to reach target group even better, increase ease of use and improve your customer experience.

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of specification

Tibbaa is a huge project that consists of several apps such as T-management app, Your Tibbaa app, T-StreetSmart app and others. Our team of business analysts and designers did their best to model various situations between promoters, sellers of tickets and visitors of the festivals.

It was very important to take into consideration all the details concerning each group of users and their interaction inside the system, and unite all features into one sophisticated system. Besides, we defined a set of necessary features for the project to allow our clients to use apps with maximum comfort.

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As we strove to build a large ecosystem for entertainment industry, we had to make sure that the system would be easy to navigate for sellers, promoters and festival visitors.That's why our first stage was brainstorming the ideas with the clients.

Together with the client we come up with the decision to pick a light green color with orange accents for T-Scanner and light green, grey and white colors for StreetSmart app. Moreover,Tibbaa's main website has the same color palette.

The main challenge for our team of designers was to work on a responsive mobile design solution, because we had a clear understanding that our products will be used on the move. So, creating the UX of the project we kept mobile users of Tibbaa in mind.

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Headworks was always convinced that only productive communication between the client and the development team can lead to successful development solutions. So, Tibbaa project only has proved that close cooperation with a client is really important for a project.


While our development team is situated in Ukraine and our clients are in Holland, we had some time-zone challenges. We have just one hour difference with Holland, but it was significant for festival visitors to know they bought a ticket with the correct time. Another challenge was a data as in old Tibbaa system you fill month first(mm/dd/year), but at PosSmart you fill day first. So, when people bought tickets via PosSmart they had difficulty entering the event. As the result we find a solution to this problem and synchronized both systems ( dashboard and PosSmart).

Purchase of tickets

PosSmart has many ways to pay for tickets. You can pay by cash, by credit card or through the terminal. So, the main challenge for our team was to maintain credit card and terminal payments. In order to solve this problem we used VPN service.

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the product

The main challenge for our team of QA engineers was to test a whole chain of united applications at the same time.


Before we started this project Tibbaa has already used their system for selling tickets ( dashboard) and we created PosSmart ( application for sellers, entrances, coin-sellers and bartenders). So, we had to synchronize both systems in order to make a smooth switch to a new system and do not loose loyal client. Another difficulty was to test all the applications in conditions that would be pretty close to reality. We had to test our apps selling 10, 000 tickets as Tibbaa usually organize huge events, some tickets we sold using dashboard (old system), some stickets we sold via new PosSmart (new system).


To pay for food, drinks and other things at the events visitors of the festivals use coins. This coins equals to a certain amount of money. Due to a poor-quality internet in Europe, we had to make Cashless system work offline. If a person buy some coins offline, he should receive them, when there is internet connection. So, we had to synchronize offline and online work of the app.

To assure quick interactions between different parts of the Tibbaa ecosystem, we conducted performance and load tests. We used development, staging, testing and production environments for Tibbaa. As the result, our client received a smooth and sophisticated code.

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For sales managers to sell tickets everywhere: nightclubs, beaches, streets. There is possibility to sell tickets via three payment types. App features:

  • list of events
  • convenient sale possibilities
  • 3 payment
  • multiple ticket transactions
  • event statistics
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It is a heart of a system and a main app to manage events. Allows to manage everything everywhere right from your smartphone.

App features:

  • flexible management of events, tickets, users and payment systems
  • different users' roles and functionality
  • 3 types of tickets
  • flexible management of setting prices, rules, payment types, users, etc
  • comfortable view of reports and settings
  • the possibility to create your own payment system
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Your tibbaa

This is an app for visitors and customers directly in your smartphone.It allows to buy tickets, earn points and view all the tickets that have been bought. App features:

  • the map with routes which lead you to the event
  • buy tickets possibility
  • the possibility to share tickets via any messengers
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It is a quick solution to use your own payment system using Pos terminals. Whilst you create the system in the T-management app you will be able to exchange money into coins and then to buy meal and good in 2 seconds.

The app has two functionality:

  1. For bartenders. Allows to sell any goods or meal by coins faster.
  2. For exchange money. Allows to sell sets or any quantity of coins due to exchange rate.

App features:

  • has three payment types
  • works with NFC chips
  • different functionality for roles
  • works offline
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