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About project

The app which allows the user to reach maximum focus and make meditation seances even more efficient! The core concept of this app is the ability to study the material more easily and effectively with the help of binaural beats. These beats are produced in the brain, rather than in the ears, so you should listen to them on headphones in addition to brainwave audio. Bliss machine has the user-friendly interface, so you can easily adjust an appropriate brain waves frequency and start your meditation. To have a better effect, you can add background music and special effects to audio tracks. As the result, you will have total concentration on your personal growth.

Development of specification

Bliss Machine contains a large number of cases and logic, that processes these cases. If we used a standard approach and native development languages, we would have to face such challenges: - Logic would have to be implemented for each platform separately. The result - different bugs on different platforms. - Each platform would have to be tested separately and each bug would have to be fixed separately.


Despite the rich app functionality, it should be easy to use. This is the first step to the real success. And that is why we have sought to achieve exactly this goal. In order to better understand and, we started with making wireframes. After the wireframes were approved, we began creating the design. Firstly, we created the key element. Then we used InVision to quickly test different versions of wireframes and after several iterations and rework, we had a few design versions. The final version of the design was uploaded in Zeplin. It should be noted that the design creation and app development were parallel. Initially, we discussed the concept and then began to work: designers worked at the design, programmers worked at the technical part, which could be done without design. As the result, after we have combined our achievements, we got the Bliss Machine.

Solution Development

The main disadvantage is a waste of time. In view of these challenges, we chose Xamarin as the primary development environment. What was the result? Xamarin solved the problem of writing code twice and it facilitated the process of testing. As for debugging, it is worth mentioning that it took place on real devices, rather than an emulator. Bliss Machine has rich functionality and a lot of cases: it contains many tracks of different lengths, a lot of different options for the use of these tracks. All this needed to be simplified. Therefore, we arrived at a common view - to arrange all functions on one screen for the convenience of users.

Testing the product

Since the app contains a lot of cases, it was not so easy to test it. Accordingly, we should launch the app and not only test it, but also relax (in case of meditation) or learn (as to educational program). We imitated situations: meditate not only in an empty room, but also we went out to listen to the course or lecture. The challenges we faced: The main difficulty was to test a lot of app cases, different cases of the operating system, and, of course, it included two platforms, different devices, different OS versions. –°ontinuous regression test.

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