Handy tracker for organic foods and non-foods stores

About project

Essential app for those who care about their health and selects only quality goods. The app allows searching the map quickly and easily for nearest sales outlets with organic foods and non-food goods. Conveniently adjusted filters enable the user to quickly find the most suitable retail location.

Development of specification

In the very beginning our team of business analysts made a clear specification. Though, this project turned to be quite vivid and our team was open to make changes in the requirement that appeared during the process of development. Our team of QA engineers and developers quickly reacted to client's requests and satisfied client's needs. Farmer's Market Plaza app contains a big amount of information and our team of professional developers found out a way to structure all the app data. The backend of the project is quite loaded, but everything runs smoothly.


FMP app solves a problem of providing possibility to find fresh vegetables, fruits and other organic products in the concrete jungles.That's why after brainstorming ideas with our client we decided to pick white and green colors for our product. This design reminds users about fresh and natural food.The design emphasis is placed on markets as bright colors allow users to find markets easily.The app has a demo version, so users can try it.

Solution Development

While FMP main goal is to make interaction between vendors and clients, we took into account that the app had to be easy to use. The main challenge for our development team was to structure all the data of the application and display all the information( pictures, description, maps, etc) in a convenient for users way. Such pages as About Market, About gots are quite heavy. So, our developers made a sophisticated backend in order to solve this problem.

Testing the product

FMP app contains a lot of useful features and that is why it took some time to test all the project. However, we would like to mention some most difficult features that we have tested. Markets To tests markets in the USA we had to use VPN service. The main difficulty of VPN is that each morning there was another password, and it took our time to receive a password and to start working. Moreover, we had to create the most realistic conditions to test FMP, so we registered many users in order to test their interaction inside the app. Vendor and Customer In order to test all the app you need to go full flow for vendors as well as for customers.Our team of QA engineers did a great job and now the app runs smoothly.

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