App platform for 16 channels biopotential monitoring

About project

Biopot is the application platform for 16 channels biopotential monitoring, which developed to allow Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Electromyogram (EMG) to record the movement of brain waves. This platform allows for 8 to 16 channels biopotential monitoring, is ultra-low power and supports the latest Bluetooth standard.

Development of specification

Our talented engineers have faced many challenges and severe difficulties in developing such kind of medical application, which receives, analyzes and displays EEG and EMG data on Android platform. The app helps to display the electrical activity in the customer’s brain. Therefore, with the help of this platform neuroscientists will be able to see how brain cells interact with each other in real time.


The BioPot shows mainly graphs and diagrams, which display activity in a patient’s brain. The user-friendly design helps to explore and use a medical application without putting much effort. For example, UI provides tools to easily manage low/high pass filters and interpulse interval.

Solution Development

Due to the fact that it is a medical application, our backend developers have worked very hard to create such an accurate and at the same time sophisticated app platform. Firstly, we have made a workflow analysis to develop it properly. Here you can find a brief description of how it works: - a patient’s head is attached with small metal discs (electrodes) with wires. - the electrodes analyze the electrical impulses in a head and transfer signals to the application by Bluetooth. - these neural signals are recorded and the results are shown on a graph. It is a wireless 16 channel biopotential acquisition platform, but it is up to a neuroscientist to decide how many channels will be connected for monitoring the brain process. As soon as the diagnosis is done, an app can show overall information for all 16 channels selected or data for one particular channel selected.

Testing the product

The main goal was to create a great medical product that can properly detect and analyze brain signals obtained. Moreover, a medical application is not allowed any mistake, therefore our QA team put a lot of efforts to make sure that the developed application works accurately and runs smooth. The BioPot application is completely defective free, performs properly and does not create downtime. Clients can rely on and be sure that EEG/EMG data are obtained and analyzed absolutely accurately.

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