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App system for ultimate event management

Set of apps that create a perfectly functioning system of event management: the total solution for access and payment for events, festivals, shows, fairs and concerts. Allows to reach target group even better, increase ease of use and improve your customer experience.

Control over all machine systems in your smartphone

MagnuM is the app which helps you to monitor your car, responds the alarm notifications quickly and provides total control of your car just by using a smartphone.

App for efficient retail sales

An entire set of apps developed for quick and convenient retail management. The app allows conducting operational accounting, customize bonuses and reward programs, create recipes, create links between receipts, analyze sales, etc. This is the most convenient and flexible tool for increasing and maintaining your customer loyalty.

Maximum mental concentration, all due to a unique app

The app which allows the user to reach maximum focus and make his / her meditation seances even more efficient! The core concept of this app is the ability to study the material more easily and more effectively with the help of binaural beats. These beats are produced in the brain, rather than in the ears, so you should listen to them on headphones in addition to brainwave audio.

Handy tracker for organic foods and non-foods stores

Essential app for those who care about their health and selects only quality goods. The app allows searching the map quickly and easily for nearest sales outlets with organic foods and non-food goods. Conveniently adjusted filters enable the user to quickly find the most suitable retail location.

App platform for 16 channels biopotential monitoring

Biopot is the application platform for 16 channels biopotential monitoring, which developed to allow Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Electromyogram (EMG) to record the movement of brain waves. This platform allows for 8 to 16 channels biopotential monitoring, is ultra-low power and supports the latest Bluetooth standard.

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