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Mobile app for doctors and patients: what is the essence issue?

Mobile app for doctors and patients: what is the essence issue?

Mobile app for doctors and patients: what is the essence issue?

There was a time when people were standing in long lines to visit a doctor, get doctor’s advice and recipe. Today, we have a great alternative - mobile apps for doctor and patient. Such mobile apps connect doctor with patient, and make their communication quick and effective. People who value their time and money have already downloaded their healthcare mobile apps and use them actively. What is the essence issue of mobile apps for doctors and patients? Why are they so popular? This article will answer these and many other healthcare apps related questions. Let’s move forward!

Advantages of mobile app for doctors and patients 

Mobile app generally speaking provide users with a new level of control. Healthcare mobile apps are not exceptions. There are big amount of healthcare apps benefits such as:

1. Health management right from a smartphone

Healthcare mobile apps allows patients to monitor their weight, blood pressure, level of sugar, etc. That’s why about 93% of doctors think that mHealth apps can improve patient’s health.

People hold mobile phone many hours a day and it is great to have some app that reminds a person about his/her health duties. Here is a list of apps that help patients monitor their health:

  • Prescription medication tracker

This app reminds you about the time you need to take your pills. When patients take pills in time, they recover much quicker.

  • Mobile fitness tracker

We will not surprise you if we mention that it is important for a person to make at least 10, 000 steps a day. Fitness tracker helps users to monitor their activity such as walking steps, run, jogging, swimming, bicycle riding, etc.What’s more, fitness tracker sets goals for users and encourage them to reach the goal each day.

  • Calories counter

Managing body weight always involves counting of the calories. Some apps not only calculate users’ calories, but provides a list of dishes to eat and even recipes. 

  • Health management via smartphone

Users can contact their insurance agent or make an appointment with a doctor via their mobile phone. You can chat with your doctor and do not have to wait many hours in line just to ask him a question.

  • Record medical ID information

Healthcare apps for doctors and patients gather vital information about your health such as allergies, blood type, uncured diseases, medications, etc. Users can add contact number of a person to call in case of emergency. This information is essential for caregivers. 

  • Monitor vitals 

Mhealth apps allows to control sleep patterns, heart rate, blood pressure via smartphone or smartwatch.

  • Emergency call apps

Mobile apps of this type work well for elderly people. Such apps have emergency call button and users can get the necessary help in just one click.

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2. Ability to keep in touch with a doctor from a smartphone

Healthcare mobile apps allow doctors to communicate with their patients any convenient for time. According to Healthitoutcomes, about 42% of patients would like to set an appointment online, but do not have this opportunity.

Moreover, 70% of doctors use healthcare mobile apps to manage in-patient data, and 80% of physicians use mhealth apps in their daily practice.

Do you remember the time when you felt bad and did not want to leave your bed in order to show yourself to a physician? On the other hand, do you really think that patients with a fewer and simple cold should go to a hospital? Many doctors believe that healthcare apps can reduce the number of unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office. What’s more, some apps contain many useful tips about health conditions. So, you can follow them or chat with your doctor and ask him for advice. 

If disease is not serious, mobile app will save patients and doctors time. As the result, serious patients will have opportunity to be checked in time.

3. Mobile apps helps to monitor elderly people health

Sometimes elderly people need care 24/7 and it can be overwhelming for the family or caregiver. How can mobile healthcare apps can help to solve this problem? We are glad you asked. Mobile apps helps to monitor health of elderly person and report this information to a caregiver. In this way both parties can see health changes and act according to these changes. 

EHR or electronic health records can help to collect all patient’s data and insert it into smartphone. According to the Statista, EHR rate will increase to 4$ by 2020, while annual growth rate of mobile healthcare market’s compound is going be 41%. Moreover, digital healthcare market in general is going to reach $200 billion by 2020. 

In addition it would be nice to mention that in January, 2018 Apple updated their Health app. With this app users can see their medical records such as allergies, immunizations, lab results, medications, conditions, procedures and other things related to their health. According to the Healthcare IT news, in the future IT companies are planning to create a unified platform to connect EHR and providers across inpatient and outpatient settings, but it is not easy to develop such a complicated and at the same time secure application.

4. Healthcare apps improve relationships between doctor and patient

Making diagnoses requires a lot of efforts from doctors as well as patients. Let’s say a patient has some health issue and goes to a doctor. He/she waits in a log line and describes his symptoms. After various lab tests doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes some medicine.

Symptom checker apps such as Your.MD allows patients to find personalised health information and research the cause of the symptoms. 

How does it work?

We are glad that you asked. You need to install Your.MD into your smartphone and consult with the chatbot regarding your symptoms. Chatbot is not a doctor, but it works well when your problems are not serious (e.g. cold or allergy). The main idea of these apps is to find out the cause of your problem. As the result:

  • your consultation with a specialist will go quicker and more productive

  • You can show the result of your app analysis to your doctor

  • Doctor knows better what tests you need to diagnose a disease

Healthcare apps serve as a bridge between the patient and a specialists. While people are shy to tell the doctors all the details about their problem, healthcare apps can reveal all the necessary information to diagnose the problem correctly. So, mhealth apps can help:

  • save doctors and patients time

  • patients to receive their treatment in time.

5. Mobile apps for doctors and patients save money

Talking about money issues, there is no need to mention that doctor consultation can cost an arm and a leg. That’s why many people avoid doctors at all and Google their health problems. Healthcare apps come in handy here as patients can communicate with chatbots for free or consult with the doctors for a small fee. 

On the other hand hospitals can save money as well. If patients with cold use an app to consult with their doctors, medical staff will get sick rarely. According to the statistics, absence of one employee costs hospital about $609 per day. So, cutting down sick-leaves hospitals can increase their profit and quality of medical services.

In the future, IT companies are planning to create an app that would monitor patient’s condition and report when his health is deteriorating. That will allow patients to stay at home and do not pay big money for staying at the hospital. According to the, hospital costs averaged $3, 949 per day. Healthcare app will cost you less and you will be able to cover these expenses without making yourself into debts.

Mobile app for doctors and patients drawbacks

Healthcare apps also have several difficulties to overcome. Take for example security issues.

Talking about healthcare industry in general, there are always problems with security. There are always people that want to get medical data for their purposes. So, sending secure data via healthcare app can be dangerous due to potential hacking.

According to the Privacy rights study, only 43% of free healthcare apps had a link to a privacy policy of a website, and only half of them described technical processes of the mobile app correctly. Personal data that users share with each other or enter to the healthcare app should be encrypted, but not every mhealth app follow this rule. 

Another mobile app for doctors and patients drawback is that doctors may lose their job in the future. More and more people prefer to Google a problem or use some healthcare app to solve their health issues. This can cause a decrease of doctor’s salary and reduction of medical staff positions in general. Moreover, some patients may refuse to visit a doctor at all in the future and this can destroy the whole system of doctor-patient communication. In this case healthcare mobile apps can bring humanity more harm than good.

Sum up

We did our best to tell you about healthcare apps advantages and drawbacks. Such mobile apps have a great impact on doctor-patient communication. With mhealth mobile app, patient can reach a doctor anytime, monitor his health, manage his weight, blood pressure, heart rate, sugar in blood.

On the other hands, doctors get their benefits as well, because healthcare apps provide doctors with necessary patient’s data such as allergies, lab tests, medications, etc. Healthcare apps can help doctor to make a right diagnosis and prescribe treatment according to app for patient’s analysis. As the result, doctors and patients can save their time and money.

As for drawbacks, healthcare apps need to enhance their security level, because it can cause a leakage of patients data. Moreover, some doctors do not like the idea of medical apps as it can cause medical staff reduction in the future. 

In addition it would be nice to add that despite of all mhealth apps benefits and drawbacks, healthcare apps are the future of medical industry. It is huge pie that brings money!

The question is: Would you like to eat out of that pie?

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